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Preserving Your Automobile’s Exterior Appearance

While everyone cannot have access to the perfect climatic conditions or covered storage areas to preserve and extend the longevity of their vehicle’s paint and body, there are some steps auto owners can take to ensure a car’s outward appearance lasts as long as intended. Most vehicles today have are designed to operate problem-free for years. Wouldn’t you want your car’s paint and body to perform as good as what’s under the hood? Taking the time to visit an express car wash in Phoenix AZ can solve that problem.

The most important key to exterior vehicle preservation is prevention. With the sun, rain, wind and other elements all heating, cooling and blowing against an auto; having an exterior barrier of protection is important. That is why it is imperative all dirt, dust, bug debris and other materials be washed off your car on a weekly basis. In fact, if not cleaned off, some of these materials can degrade and seep into the car’s clear coat; making your car vulnerable to rust and affecting its value.

After washing, applying a wax to the car can help seal out dirt and grime; while adding a layer of protection to your auto’s exterior paint and body. In addition to treating the paint, don’t forget about treating tires with a protective barrier too; as elements can degrade tire materials over time.