AERO Tractor


The Aero is basically a 4×2 tractor with a 260PS engine that follows a modular chassis design. Which is to say, depending on its usage, the tractor can be configured differently, with suitable underpinnings and the like. The thought behind this concept however, which uses the Newgen cab, is to reduce drag during high speed travel. All believes once the road infrastructure reaches completion in a couple of years, the average speeds for travel will go up. Therefore the Aero employs body kit on the roof as well as on the sides to reduce drag as much as possible. It employs ZF’s 9 speed syncromesh gearbox along with dual line pneumatic brake system with bigger size foundation brakes.

Inside, the cab is 2.5 metre wide and is cushioned with vehicular air suspension, seen for the first time in trucks here. It’s well executed too. HMV 6×6 meant solely for defence application, this all wheel drive truck is powered by the 260PS J series engine. It comes with the provision of disconnecting drive from the front axle. Tyres employed are wide 14.00 R20 radials, which help towards better floatation under extremely soft underfoot conditions.