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Driving Cheat Sheets for Driver’s Written Test


Driving has been one of my favorite past time activity right from my teenage. I grew out to be an excellent driver out of my passion for it and have tried driving all types of ordinary cars and even luxurious sedans including limos. Even though I am good at driving I could not pass the Driver’s Written Test which I consider to be most important for a person like me as it was very tough than I had expected.

Since my childhood I feel allergic to written tests and interviews. However I had to clear this and I was looking to find a way out as one think stroked in my mind that always there was a short cut to crack down any tough thing in life. I knew there was dumps, cheat sheets and such materials are available to crack all kinds of exams. So I looked out for Driving Cheat Sheets for Driver’s Written Test in the web and after checking few sites, found out a genuine site that could easily help people to clear these tough written tests.

However, our recommendation is that learn driving, learn all the driving rules, obey traffic laws, and put them into practice for safe driving.






Yamaha’s Fazer 250iE – Raising Brows in International Market


Raising eyebrows was the South American market 250cc Fazer 250iE that has a strong naked bike look and at least from the rear looks somewhat like the Indian Fazer. Using an air cooled 250cc single it develops 21PS of power at 7500rpm and 20.6Nm of torque at 6500rpm and tips the scales at 137kg. It uses conventional forks up front but a monoshock at the rear. There are no Indian plans for now and Yamaha would only look at producing the bike if it could be made for under a lakh rupees.Also raising eyebrows was the 250cc Fazer 250iE which is sold in South American markets. There are no production plans as of now for this bike and Yamaha is looking at feasibility to manufacture this bike in India for under a lakh of rupees. Of course the naked styling theme will have to be worked upon.

Classic Car Insurance


Insurance for automobiles, specifically for classic cars were thought to be very costly until Adrian flux introduced its classic car insurance in the four wheeler insurance segment. Apart from being the most cost effective car insurance – the classic car insurance, Adrian flux with its vast experience in the insurance field had also introduced a set of unique features added to its car insurance products.

Kit car insurance is one of their unique products and also they offered special discounts to classic car owners who are members of classic car owners clubs. They offered the limited mileage discounts feature to satisfy the classic car owners who feel they use their car less but still the insurance amount is the same. They have a wide range of insurers in their panel to choose from and this helps them to offer the most flexible and competitive rates to their customers. Above all the most striking feature of the classic car insurance is, it covers the true value of the car and not just its market value. Even the modifications made on the cars can be covered and also the wedding hire and rally covers can be offered depending on the policies.



AERO Tractor


The Aero is basically a 4×2 tractor with a 260PS engine that follows a modular chassis design. Which is to say, depending on its usage, the tractor can be configured differently, with suitable underpinnings and the like. The thought behind this concept however, which uses the Newgen cab, is to reduce drag during high speed travel. All believes once the road infrastructure reaches completion in a couple of years, the average speeds for travel will go up. Therefore the Aero employs body kit on the roof as well as on the sides to reduce drag as much as possible. It employs ZF’s 9 speed syncromesh gearbox along with dual line pneumatic brake system with bigger size foundation brakes.

Inside, the cab is 2.5 metre wide and is cushioned with vehicular air suspension, seen for the first time in trucks here. It’s well executed too. HMV 6×6 meant solely for defence application, this all wheel drive truck is powered by the 260PS J series engine. It comes with the provision of disconnecting drive from the front axle. Tyres employed are wide 14.00 R20 radials, which help towards better floatation under extremely soft underfoot conditions.


Porsche 911 carrera Review

If you are looking for car encylopedia of automobiles, old, new or even the latest brand and models, The Car Connection is a good place to start. It is a great online resource for car reviews, news, tips, expert advice, shopping guides and even a feature that will check if any of the car you are viewing is available in the local classifieds. This site is there to offer people with detailed information on any car series you want to know. You may count on this site for closer look on cadillac srx new series that is considered as the best of its kind. Find out more about the car’s engine specification, maximum performance and some tips in handling it.

You can compare the cars and make your decision which car is the best for your need. porsche 911 carrera is one of the cars that you can consider. You can take a look at the infiniti pics to see whether the car fits your style.

If you’re looking for an incredibly quick and aggressive sports car that will hurt your bottom with its firm ride then yes, the 2009 Porsche 911 Carrera S is for you. However, if you’re looking for a smooth everyday luxury car, then no. But remember one thing. At the end of the day “there is no substitute.”

Hero Impulse Features, Specifications and Price In India


Hero Motocorp, an Indian company modelled by Hero Group, after Hero and Honda group side-lined, has currently introduced their very first bike as “Hero Impulse” in the market. The bike gives a stylish “DIRT” look, powered by 150-cc four-stroke engine, evolved for both smooth and rough roads, especially ridding on village roads. It also includes 12 litres fuel tank, Front disc brake, Read drum brake, 5 speed gear box, Mono-shock rear suspension.

Hero Impulse Features and Specifications

Weight of Hero Impulse is 119.1 kg.
Fuel tank capacity is 12 litres.
Ground clearance is 244 mm.
Mileage of Hero Impulse is 40 ~ 55 KMPL.
Engine is four-stroke air-cooled OHC.
Displacement engine is 149 cc.
Transmission: 5-speed Constant-Mesh.
Front suspension is- Telescopic Hydraulic.
Rear suspension is- Swing-arm Nitrox.
Maximum Power of Impulse- 13.2bhp @ 8000 rpm.
Maximum Torque of Impulse- 1.36kgm @ 6000 rpm.
Advanced CDI- ignition system.
Brakes of Impulse- front disc and rear drum.
Wheelbase is 1360 mm.
Multi-Reflector Halogen-Bulb of Impulse.
5-Speed Gearbox.
150cc- Air Cooled Single Cylinder Engine.
LED tail lights of Hero Impulse.
Impulse has a sporty pattern- Slim waist, Tall Stance and High Tail.

It’s been available with stylish body graphics of Orange , Red , Yellow and Green Colors .

What happened to TVS Predator bikes ?


With the face lifted GLX, TVS has incorporated revisions made in the Edge like the rear gas shock absorbers besides redone graphics. As was the case last year, TVS also showcased a couple of concepts, which sadly will not be introduced in the Indian market. The Isotope 200, a 200cc supermoto with its futuristic lines and a beaky front, is a concept designed for recreational purposes. The bike uses disc brakes at both front and rear, and inverted telescopic shock absorbers up front. The predator in the mean time was n’t meant to follow any particular design blueprint. It’s solely a manifestation of the designer’s idea.

It sports a skull shaped headlamp, nicely carved out fuel tank and well integrated tail. The complete feel of the bike is that of a sporty cruiser. The concept employs a 500cc V-twin. The star range of the company’s entry level motorcycles with star city taking centre stage, in addition to motocross machines complete with dummy riders.

What’s still unclear is what happened to TVS Predator bikes ? appears TVS made a roll back, will these bikes hit the market anytime soon or in future ?


Audi Q3 Review


Audi Q3 is a follow on to the Q5 and is less costlier than it, but in the same time this car will surpass the Q5 model when it comes to quality and equipments. These two models are included in the premium compact SUVs category, along with Acura RDX and BMW X3.

This car is designed using the 2007 Cross Coupe Concept but will not have its structural elements and underskin components mixed and matched from others Audy/VW models like the Q5. We can consider Q3 an upscale model of VW’s Tiguan.

Still there are important differences between these two models. Let’s start with the engine. The engine is a standard 4 cylinder, 2.0 liter turbocharged, the only difference is that the Q3 engine is newer and the rumors say that this engine isn’t available in the U.S.A. market Tiguan. It’s similar with the 140 horsepower turbo diesel VW’s Jetta engine but not exactly. The engine it will be Audi-specific with 200 horsepower and 296 lb-ft of torque. The engine will have a 6-speed automated and manual transmission too.

The appearance is quite impressive and in Cross Coupe Concept the profile looks like a rakish coupe and not like a wagon (the Tiguan and Q5 profile type). It will have the 18-inch standard wheels but the 19’s and the 20’s will be available too. It will have all the A4 chassis hardware too, but adapted and improved, like rear and front multilink suspension, big disk brakes for all wheels (ABS incorporated), the traction-control system(Audi made), electric power steering, etc. Other new features are: adaptive suspension or electromagnetic shock absorbers, but the most expected option is the new Drive Select System(Audi made) The Audi Q3 it will surelly have 5 stars when it comes to passengers protection and like other cars from its class with have lots of customizable features like the navigation system, XXL sunroof, cosmetic tweaks, etc.

The expectations for this car are high and I’m sure that Audi will not disappoint us, after all this brand is trying to hit the cars selling brands podium.

Suzuki Zeus with Disc Brakes is for regular use


The bikes in question are the Heat and Zeus. While the two share identical mechanicals and cycle parts, they are targeted at very different customer profiles. The former with its no frills, bare basic design is targeted at the semi-urban and rural clientele, better sculpted front mud guard and an engine cowl is expected to appeal to the city slicker.

The localisation levels for the bikes are high, while the rest would be imported from the parent company in Japan. Suzuki expects with its brand already embossed is the Indian customer’s psyche besides a low purchase price and quality levels that are on par with the rest, the bikes will find many takers.

The company announced that Heat will be priced below Rs40,000, which however would also depend on the sops the auto industry gets in the upcoming budget. The Zeus with disc brakes and other add ons is expected to cost an additional Rs 3000-4000. The motorcycle arm, 74 percent of which is owned by the Japanese giant, 26 percent being held by the Sheel family.

Brake Fluid Maintenance saves Money


Prevention is better than Cure:  This rule applies to almost everything in life and the car is part of our daily lives, so it is not exempted from the said. We all know you have to change the oil for the wheels, but other things are not so obvious and yet, replacing them is equally important.

The advice I’m giving here are very general; ideally you check the instruction manual of your car or the maintenance book (also called service book ), which will specify the plans and sometimes, a ” check list “with the points we have to check and how often we do it.

The first thing to know is that some components of your vehicle not only wear out with use: also over time, so the periodic review of the maintenance plan are for every 10,000 km or one year, for example, even if you get to make the 10,000 km in a year, you should also inspect them.


Check Brake fluid for every 2 years 

This is one of the elements that ages with time rather than kilometers. Most brake fluids used in the automobile is composed of a hydrophilic alcohol (the molecules having high affinity to water); this makes it go absorbing water in the atmosphere, which produces two very dangerous effects:

1) Low boiling point , so it boils at a lower temperature and can run out of brake too much heat down a port: the pedal becomes spongy and the car just stopped. Is known as brake fluid fading. The water encourages the formation of oxides and can emulsify the liquid , causing damage to the braking system.

2) Having an accident or repair the ABS valve body is infinitely more expensive to change (inevitably) the brake fluid in a maximum of two years. One liter of DOT 4 costs about 10 euros and one hour of labor; a hydraulic can multiply by 30 that amount.

The same fluid is usually used for the clutch mechanism on cars with hydraulic control: we replace also useful that we do the same with the brakes.