Suzuki Zeus with Disc Brakes is for regular use


The bikes in question are the Heat and Zeus. While the two share identical mechanicals and cycle parts, they are targeted at very different customer profiles. The former with its no frills, bare basic design is targeted at the semi-urban and rural clientele, better sculpted front mud guard and an engine cowl is expected to appeal to the city slicker.

The localisation levels for the bikes are high, while the rest would be imported from the parent company in Japan. Suzuki expects with its brand already embossed is the Indian customer’s psyche besides a low purchase price and quality levels that are on par with the rest, the bikes will find many takers.

The company announced that Heat will be priced below Rs40,000, which however would also depend on the sops the auto industry gets in the upcoming budget. The Zeus with disc brakes and other add ons is expected to cost an additional Rs 3000-4000. The motorcycle arm, 74 percent of which is owned by the Japanese giant, 26 percent being held by the Sheel family.