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How to Save Money on Windshield Repair Costs

Having full-coverage auto insurance with no deductible is the best way to ensure a windshield is able to be repaired or replaced without any out-of-pocket expense. A quality auto glass repair shop will be able to inspect the damage, make recommendations, file insurance paperwork on your behalf, and provide you with a safe repair or newly-installed windshield.

There are other ways to save on windshield replacement cost with prevention offering the most significant savings. As soon as there is a sign of a chip or blemish on the windshield, bringing the vehicle to an auto glass shop is the best possible chance owners have to salvage their current windshields. Technicians will examine the windshield and if able to, repair the small chip or ding in about 20 minutes or less. Unfortunately, many drivers ignore minor blemishes, which over time and the process of weathering, become bigger and bigger, resulting in a crack that requires an entire windshield replacement.

Finally, the last way to save on windshield repair or replacement costs is prevention. It is always best to be aware of your surroundings. If following behind a gravel truck, change lanes or allow an extended distance between your vehicle and the truck. Likewise, when parking, look at the tree limbs. Parking underneath of a dead tree is certainly not a good idea. While accidents can happen, preventing as many as possible can make life easier.